Silk Route Tour

All You Need To Know Before Starting Your Silk Route Tour

If you are planning a trip to Silk Route, you must definitely be aware of the fact that it is a very ancient and important trade route. No wonder, it attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Plan a trip and get to experience some inhospitable terrain, desserts and vast plains. All these will make your trip more exciting than you think.

Why Is Silk Route So Popular?

If you love traveling, opt for a Silk Route Trip and create some memories of rich and varied lands which you can cherish for years to come. The place is overflowing with numerous gems and you might not find the type of luxuries you get in the city. Though the traveling conditions often become quite challenging and toilet facilities are not of the highest standards, the enthralling cultures and mesmerizing scenery has made Silk Route one of the most popular places to visit in Sikkim. The semi-nomadic farming lifestyles of the local people will make your mind calmer.

The Best Time To Visit Silk Route

Even the hottest mountainous areas of Silk Route become cooler during that time. Tourists willing to enjoy the summer climate can plan their trip during August or September when ripe fruits are seen scattered all over the area which enhances its beauty even further. If you are planning to visit Central Asia, the time between March to June is idle as the temperature is mild with little rain. The temperature can get quite high during summer and so the summer months should better be avoided.

How To Pack For The Tour?

Packing your clothes for a Silk Route tour is indeed quite challenging as the temperature fluctuates drastically from day to night. The prime thing you need to consider is the season you are opting for the trip. A pair of t-shirts and shorts will be sufficient for the summer days. If there are a few mountainous areas in your trip itinerary, pack a few jeans and a jacket as the weather will be a bit cold. Don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes which you can wear throughout the day. Few other essentials are sunglasses, a hat, lip balm and sun cream.

What Food And Drink Can You Expect?

Plan a trip to Silk Route and you will be definitely spoiled with the wide variety of Chinese dishes available. There are numerous restaurants scattered all over the area where you can fulfill your appetite without punching a hole in your pocket. Each area in Silk Route has its own specialty as far as food and drinks are concerned. Your only struggle will be how to read the menu!

Since your knowledge about Silk Route has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for a travel agency offering Silk Route tour packages at affordable prices.

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