Enjoy a remarkable trip to Zuluk – The Himalayan hamlet

Zuluk is a small village situated at a height of about 10,100ft. It is nestled in the lap of Himalayas of Eastern Sikkim. Zuluk will be on your way to amazing old Silk Route that was once used for the purpose of trading silk between India and Tibet. The route starts from Pedong in Kalimpong. The route passes through places such as Rongli, Rhenock, Zuluk and then Nathang Valley and Kupup and lastly Jelepla Pass. It heads towards beautiful Chumbi valley in Tibet and then Lhasa. Stay in any of the eminent Zuluk Hotels to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Zuluk is just a couple of kilometres away from the border of China. There is an Indian army base in Zuluk. This small Himalayan hamlet features a population of only about 700. Most of the folks are Nepalese. These people are mostly migrated to Zuluk for better living as the place lied on the way to Silk Route. However, now no trade takes place. The land is not suitable for farming. The people now survive on roadways construction. Nevertheless, the place is blessed with terrific tourism potential owing to the scenic beauty. The villagers have started understanding the face. And thus they are extending their homes to the travellers as homestays.

Things to see in Zuluk

Zuluk is a small village with only some handful of families. There is a temple of small nag or king cobra that features a cave-like structure. If you want to enjoy the beauty of lovely lakes, steep passes, snow peaks and mountain landscapes, take day trips from Zuluk. Stay in any of the reputable Zuluk Hotels or home-stays, and make your trip even more memorable. You need to go further in the north direction towards Kupup to enjoy the true spirit of Himalayas.

  • Thambi viewpoint – The amazing sunrise view over Kanchenjunga in Thambi Viewpoint will surely allure you. It is just 14 km from Zuluk. The place is located at the altitude of 11,200ft. It lies along the route to Lungthaung.
  • Hairpin bends – There are 32 jagged hairpin bends along the way. This is an amazing example of nature’s engineering. Get the sight of these zig-zags on the slopes of Himalayas from the vantage points at and around Zuluk as well as from Thambi View Point.
  • Nathang Valley – Further up you can reach incredible Nathang Valley. The place is situated at an altitude of 13,500ft. Once, the Tibetan yak herders graze their cattle while Jelepla Pass was open. The valley changes its colours with seasons. You shouldn’t miss this must-visit place if you want to enjoy the true beauty of nature in a colourful way.
  • Old Baba Mandir – While you are on your trip to Zuluk, don’t forget to take the short diversion to visit Old Baba Mandir. This temple was actually built to honour Baba Harbhajan, an Indian soldier. Although he is no more, the army personnel posted in this place strongly believe that his spirit is around and guards the Indo-China border. However, reaching the original mandir is tough owing to rough road condition. It needs to climb up several steps to reach there. And thus a new Baba Mandir has been established near Tsomgo Lake.

Though these are not all, these are worth visiting. Don’t forget to carry your photo ID proof and passport size photographs while visiting Zuluk and surrounding.

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